This Diploma Course has been developed to cater for specialization in ICT. The diploma is divided into three modules: Diploma in information communication technology Module I. Diploma in information communication technology Module II.

Course Timeline:
DATABASE ORGANIZATION FILE ORGANIZATION IN DBMS Database organization approaches Principles and techniques of database design Database design cycle Relational Database System Relation algebra and calculus Entity relationship Concepts of ER Connotations of ER Drawing of ER
Meaning and importance of system analysis - System analysis approaches/methods - Systems analysis tools System design and development - System development methodologies - System design methods/approaches - systems design tools - Criteria for choosing system development methodologies System Implementation Meaning and importance of system implementation Procedure of system implementation
Subject =Quantitative methods Topic = Time series
subject-QUANTITATIVE METHODS Topic-Simulation
subject QUANTITAVE METHODS TOPIC-Network planning
subject. Quantitative Methods Topic-Linear programming
subject-Quantitative methods topic Time series
This module unit is intended to expose the trainee to the practical experience in project planning and execution. The trainee is therefore expected to plan, gather, review and present project materials and information in accordance with given specifications
This is a design unit for both IT and Engineering students.
Additional content for this unit
Notes on quick books.
Among the units under computer applications, Microsoft publisher gives students an opportunity to learner how to design publications and publish them. N/B- For images that don't appear on full text, check them on the pdf attached.
Object oriented programming this unit allows student to study C++ programming.
Visual programming involves studying visual basic programming.

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