Craft in Information Communication Technology (CICT) notes revision kits. This CraftCourse has been developed to cater for specialization in ICT. The Craft is divided into two modules:

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NUMBER SYSTEM Introduction Decimal number Binary number Octal number Hexadecimal number Base conversions Binary arithmetic operations • Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication • Division Binary codes • 8421 BCD • Excess - 3 The importance of binary codes
LOGIC GATES • AND • OR • NOT • NAND • NOR Logic gates symbols Truth table Minimization of logic expressions • Boolean algebra • KARNAUGH maps Simplify logical expression • Boolean algebra • KARNAUGH maps
PRESENTATION SOFTWARE Definition of presentation software Examples of presentation software Importance of presentation software Slide layouts Procedure of creating slides Describe slide formatting Slide shows Procedure of printing
DEVICE I/O MANAGEMENT Disks management i. Structure ii. Operations iii. Disk arm scheduling algorithms - First In First Out (FIFO) - Shortest Seek Time First (SSTF) - SCAN - Circular SCAN (C-SCAN) - LOOK - Circular LOOK (C-LOOK) File management • What is File System? • Objective of File management System • Properties of a File System • File structure • File Attributes • File Type • Functions of File • Commonly used terms in File systems • File Access Methods • Space Allocation • File Directories • File types- name, extension
INTERNET AND EMAIL Internet concepts Services of the internet E-Mail Impact of the internet to society Internet security
Computer networking Benefits of computer network Types of computer network Network topologies Transmission media Data processing Data processing cycle Data processing methods Data processing modes Computer files i. File types ii. File organization iii. File access File activities Impact of ICT in the society - Application areas - Positive impact - Negative impact
Subject;computational mathematics topics 1.Binomial 2.Probability 3.Graphs and functions 4.Data collection and presentation 5.measures of central tendency KINDLY PICK THE TOPICS FROM THE DOCUMENT Documents in full text contains simple examples from the previous term
Subject introduction to ICT Topic From lesson 14 CYBER LAW in the document below
Define memory Describe classes of memories Semi conductor memories • RAM • ROM Classes of memories Magnetic memories  Magnetic drum  Magnetic core  Magnetic tapes  Magnetic disks  Optical storage  Magnetic optic Memory  Holographic The importance of memories
SEMICONDUCTOR THEORY Structure of matter • Atomic structure Movement of electrons in conductors and semiconductor materials Semiconductor materials • Silicon • Germanium Formation of P-and N- type materials Operations of P-N junction Forward and reverse biasing of P-N junction diodes Emerging trends in basic electronics
Communication skills

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