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To equip young people with technical skills and instruction to morally enrich their lives by a knowledge of God's word and to provide a quality education at fees low enough to make higher education affordable to economically disadvantaged but deserving youth.


education at fees low enough to make higher education affordable to economically disadvantaged but deserving youth.








  •  Conduct: Since KCITI is a Christian organization the Administration expects everyone connected with the college to conduct him or herself as good, moral and well behaved ladies and gentlemen. Activities such as drinking, smoking, lewd and suggestive language, immorality, obnoxious behavior, speaking against the church, stealing, fighting, improper dressing, willful destruction of property, failure to attend chapel, habitual absence or lateness to class, public displays of anger or related behavior will not be tolerated. Such behavior may result in your immediate dismissal from KCITI regardless of the legality of such acts in society as a whole.
  •  Tuition fees: All cash payment should be paid through the Diamond Trust Bank or KCB. Only business cheques and banker cheques are received at the cashiers window. Personal cheques are not accepted. Fees are non-refundable but caution fee is partially refundable after deductions. Lab,Library and equipment fees are payable annually.
  •  Short Courses: Short professional skills courses are now offered at a reduced rate. See the Admissions Office for details.
  •  Student Identity Card: Student should always carry their student ID and no student shall be allowed to come through the gate without a valid student ID. In case of loss of student ID one is required to pay Kes. 300.00 for a replacement and include one passport photo. The student ID is the property of the institution and should be returned upon completion of the course or when withdrawing from the institution.
  •  Examination Deadlines: All deadlines for registration and payment for external examination will be posted in timely manner on the KCITI notice boards and on the college's website.
  •  Graduation: The graduation date will be announced as consultation is completed with the examination bodies .
  •  Pre-registration:
    1. Each student is required to register for every class they undertake. Registartion fee is Kshs. 500/- and is compulsory.
    2. Students shall not be allowed in class without booking the class at the Admissions Office and if found shall be liable for the whole tuition for that class and other penalties that may be determined by the administration.
    3. Any student who registers for a class and wishes to defer or drop the course can only do so in the first two weeks of the term. The student is required to fill a request form at the Admissions Office. Note that tuition paid will not be deferred or transferred to another course.
  •  Exemptions and credit transfers In keeping with government regulations any student wishing to be exempted for any course should produce a certificate and a transcript for previous courses taken at an accredited college. Courses taken at a non-accredited college will not be recognized.
  •  Evening and Saturday classes: Classes shall only be offered if a minimum of 10 students shall register for the course. In the situation where this is not achieved the unit will have to be offered next session.
  •  Drop out: Any student wishing to drop out of the institution is required to fill out a drop-out form and return it to the Admissions Office. Tution fee shall not be refunded. Caution fee is refundable minus necessary deductions. The student is required to also return the student ID. If the ID has been lost then a fee of 300/- must be paid for a replacement.
  •  Lost Property: Students should take care of their belongings and not leave them unattended. The instituton is not responsibe for lost or stolen property. Any item found lost should be left at the reception. If someone has lost anything he/she should enquire at the reception.
  •  Notice boards: Students should check the notice boards for announcements concerning lectures, grades, job placements, timetables, activities etc.
  •  Library and Internet: The library is open six days a week for student use. The hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays 8:00am to 1:00pm. The Library is not a lending library consequently no books or periodicals are allowed to leave the library at any time. Internet fee is Kshs. 1/- a minute.
  •  Off Limits: Under no circumstances is a student allowed to enter the Business Office, computer repair room, electronics store room, power room, computer server room, teachers' work room, pavilion kitchen, KCITI store rooms or go behind the counter in the Admissions Office. When invited a student may enter the Directors Office, Admissions Office, Dean's office or the office of any department head.
  •  Bible and Chapel Bible classes at KCITI are informative, educational and morally up-lifting. They are pure Bible classes without denominational bias. All KCITI students are required to attend the Bible classes and chape without exception.
  •  The pavilion: The pavilion is a pleasant place where students can enjoy light refreshments. Payments for pavilion services are made at the pavilion payment window only. The servers do not handle cash.
  •  Foreign students: Foreign students wishing to study at KCITI must fulfill the following requirements: => Produce a document supporting their status must be
    1. A Passport/ Refugees- Protection letter from UNCHR/Resident Alien Cards
    2. Transcripts and certificates must be validated by the KNEC or Commission of Higher Education.
    3. Pass an interview exam.
    4. Pay tuition fees for the whole term .

=> The student shall be only allowed in class after receiving a pupil's pass from immigration. In case of disapproval of the pupils pass by immigration the tuition fee shall be refunded in full.

  •  Sports: Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner while on training and on official sports trips, whether as players or spectators. No drugs, alcohol or any other form of intoxicants should be consumed before or during matches
  •  IPCM: Some students desire to better prepare themselves for a life of Christian service. The Institute of Practical Christian Ministry (IPCM) offers in-depth Bible training leading to a certificate or diploma in Bible. All KCITI students are eligible to enroll in the IPCM program at no extra cost. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare oneself for Christian ministry at the same time he/she qualifies in a technical field.
  •  Mock Examination: Mock exams will be provided for all externally examined subjects. The dates and times of these examinations will be posted on the notice boards.



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